Inflation & Cost of Living

Gas prices are soaring.  Grocery prices are rising (if they are even on the shelves).  Energy prices to heat and cool a home are skyrocketing.  Have you had enough? I know I have. 

I grew up in a single-parent household.  I understand how important it is for working Americans to keep their hard-earned money.  Due to reckless policies pursued by the Biden Administration and House Democrats, inflation has soared and your wallet and savings have been hit hard. 

Too many Pennsylvanians are struggling to make ends meet through no fault of their own.  That’s why I support policies that will increase US productivity and bring down inflation, a balanced federal budget, and oppose out of control spending increases.

Economy & Jobs 

Making the economy work for every American is one of my highest priorities.  That means incentivizing work through smart fiscal policy that encourages Americans to enter and remain in the labor force.  That means tax policies that promote entrepreneurialism and benefit small business owners – the heartbeat of our economy.

I believe government should empower individuals and families to stand on their own.  The best way to achieve that is through promoting wage and productivity-enhancing job growth that provides dignity of work to every American.  My goals are to bring broad-based prosperity back to every neighborhood in Pennsylvania, and to provide a pathway for every family to achieve the American Dream. 

Education & Schooling

Education is the cornerstone of opportunity and socioeconomic mobility.  Every family deserves the chance to educate their children in a quality school. I will work tirelessly to get our children the best education possible – especially in light of the damage caused by extended school closures during COVID.

I believe getting our children back on track is of the highest priority and that students – not systems – should come first.  I understand that children are best educated when parents are constructive stakeholders in education, and able to work with schools and educators positively and collaboratively in a transparent process.

Revitalizing Industry & Manufacturing

Manufacturing and skilled labor used to be the hallmarks of American prosperity.  My great-grandfather was a first-generation American, Pennsylvanian, and proud union steelworker who secured a better life for his children through the opportunities industry provided.

I’m a firm supporter of American manufacturing.  I want to make Delaware County and the Philadelphia region a booming center of industry once again.  We must revitalize sectors like shipbuilding and maritime construction, microelectronics, machine tooling, personal protective equipment, and other advanced manufacturing activities that provide good-paying jobs while bolstering our supply chains and national security.  I’m a proud advocate of “Made in America” initiatives that not only benefit American workers, but the families, communities, and businesses we love. 

Workforce Development

Our schools aren’t doing nearly enough to prepare our children for the 21st century economy.  I believe the path to prosperity shouldn’t lie only through a four year college.  Young adults should be able to enter the labor force immediately, and have options when it comes to pursuing careers in the trades, advanced manufacturing, and other occupations that don’t require a college degree. To that end, I’m passionate about establishing and expanding apprenticeships, regional pipelines, and partnerships between schools and industries to foster the next generation of American workers.  Investing in regional workforces to expand opportunity for generations to come is a top priority of mine.


Health insurance, prescriptions, services, and procedures should be affordable and available to every American.  I am committed to lowering costs for consumers and ensuring individuals have access to high-quality healthcare when they need it.  Additionally, I will ensure those with pre-existing conditions continue to have insurance coverage.

Crime & Law Enforcement

Protecting and supporting our police, law enforcement, and first responders shouldn’t be a partisan issue.  I will always fund, train, and equip them – period. Safe communities are well-policed communities, with effective relationships between law enforcement and community members.  We can promote sensible police reform to foster these relationships without denigrating the men and women who keep our communities safe.

I will always stand for the rule of law and support holding violent and repeat offenders accountable.  Non-prosecutions, no-bail releases, and the downgrading of many felonies have contributed to an environment of lawbreaking devastating cities like Philadelphia.  I am committed to safer streets and will prioritize stemming the crime wave our nation is experiencing.

National Security & International Affairs

I fought for our nation in the Middle East and Somalia.  As a Naval Academy graduate and former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officer, I understand the importance of a strong US military.  I will always support our armed forces and ensure they remain trained, equipped, and prepared to counter threats to our national interests. 

As we witnessed with our poorly planned and executed withdrawal from Afghanistan, we need effective leaders in Congress with military experience.  I am ready to answer the call and believe in preserving peace through strength.  I will work to restore confidence in American leadership and resolve, and to reverse the decline in standing America has suffered during the Biden Administration.  I know firsthand, having served abroad, that America is a beacon of freedom, remains unique in the world, and is worth defending and preserving.


In 2021 our southern border saw more illegal crossings and apprehensions than ever before.  Joe Biden’s record on immigration is simply unsustainable. Securing our border and bringing order to our immigration system is of paramount importance.  I will empower our Customs & Border Patrol Agents by arming them with the resourcing and technology they need – including physical barriers where they deem them necessary – to keep drugs, criminals, and other threats to the American people out of our nation.

My first ancestor arrived in America in 1630, my last in 1911.  I’m a descendant of immigrants, like every other American.  We can craft a better immigration system that prioritizes and preserves our sovereignty, security, and the rule of law, while remaining true to our core principles and history as a welcoming nation.


The title I will always be proudest of earning is “veteran.”  Those who fought for our nation – and bear the physical and mental scars of sacrificing for it – should not go without the care they need.  I’m committed to serving my military brothers and sisters by ending veteran homelessness, improving and streamlining veteran care, reforming the VA system, and providing optionality and flexibility to veterans seeking services through private providers.

Having transitioned from active duty, I understand the many issues veterans face when returning to non-military life.  Far too many former service members face steep barriers in obtaining employment, completing post-military education and credentialing, and succeeding in the contemporary economy and workforce. I support expanding programs, partnerships, and resourcing to help veterans overcome these challenges, enabling them to stand with the dignity that is rightfully theirs for having served honorably.