About Dave

Dave is a battle-tested leader, proud American, and optimist who has dedicated his life to service and duty.  He is a candidate for US Congress in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District and is ready to fight for individuals, families, businesses, and communities across Southeast Pennsylvania and our country. 

Dave was raised by his mother after his father was killed by a drunk driver before he was born.  He credits his mom as his greatest example of a “servant leader” and the driving force behind his desire to fight for others, as she had fought for him.

Coming from a family with a history of service dating to before the American Revolution, Dave wanted to pursue a military career from a young age.  He obtained an appointment to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD after high school and began service as a Midshipman in July 2008.  Dave graduated in 2012 ranked 6th in his class of nearly 1,200.  He went on to obtain a graduate degree from the University of Cambridge thereafter, then returned to the United States. 

At the time he was in college, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were at their fiercest.  Dave wanted to put himself at the center of the fight by combating the enemy’s weapon of choice – the Improvised Explosive Device (IED).  Dave volunteered and was selected for one of the most elite Special Operations communities in the military – Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) – and successfully completed the arduous 18 month, highly-selective training pipeline after graduate school.

After finishing his training, Dave deployed twice, once to the Middle East with EOD Mobile Unit TWO, and once to Somalia with SEAL Team FOUR.  He and his Sailors were tasked with reducing explosive threats and other weapons commonly employed by terror and extremist organizations.  He remains honored to have led some of the Navy’s most elite special operators in harm’s way. 

Dave met the love of his life — his wife Caroline — in Washington, DC in 2015.  They fell quickly in love and endured six months of separation while Dave was on his first deployment only two months after meeting.  Shortly after coming home, he proposed to her and they haven’t looked back.  They were married in July 2018 and endured a second six month separation just three months later.  They both credit Dave’s deployments for strengthening their bond, relationship, and appreciation for family.

In 2019, Dave left the Navy and began working for the Comcast Corporation in Strategic Development & Growth.  He and Caroline live in Newtown Square, PA.  Since transitioning out of the military, Dave has been active in causes throughout Delaware County, particularly those associated with veterans, the military, and local businesses.  Dave and Caroline have two dogs, Kevin and Petunia, and plan to raise a family soon.